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SpreadShare let's you explore community-curated spreadsheets. These spreadsheets can be anything. Contact lists, product comparisons, financial tools, dashboard templates and whatever you can imagine.

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SpreadShare wouldn't be possible without the awesome community of professionals that are contributing their findings (and creations). You guys rock!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why you should share your spreadsheet?
What spreadsheets is the community looking for?
Can I hire you to create spreadsheets for me?
What happens after I have submitted a spreadsheet?
Can I also share a sheet which I didn’t create myself?
How do I get updated about new spreadsheets on the platform?
I have an idea for a spreadsheet, what should I do?
How can I collaborate on spreadsheets?
How can I submit a spreadsheet?
I can’t open a spreadsheet, what do I need to do?
My blog/website article has been converted into a spreadsheet, why?
My Excel file has been converted to a Google Spreadsheet, why?
Can I join your team?
Who is behind SpreadShare?
How can I get in touch with other community members?
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